11th Anniversary Group Raid Event


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May 13th to May 27th, 2015

The Eleveny Group Raid event begins on May 13th.

The boss will spawn everyday at 11am and 11pm (Server Time).

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During the event, the raid boss Eleveny will spawn at 11am and 11pm (Server Time).  When Eleveny appears, it will spawn in both Fantasy Isle and Gludin Village.  It will remain for 1 hour after spawning.

You can teleport directly to the raid boss area by speaking with Event Manager Eleven.

Freeing Eleveny

You will need a Magic Number Cube from Reward Manager Tyke to free Eleveny.  You can purchase these for 1x 11th Anniversary Coin.  You can then teleport to the Group Event area, located in Fantasy Isle or Gludin Village.


Once the box that has trapped Eleveny inside has spawned, target the box and repeatedly use your Magic Number Cube every 5 seconds.  Use your Cube as much as possible to damage the box and free Eleveny!  Using your Magic Number Cube more gives you more of a chance to win the Top Prize.

When the box trapping Eleveny reaches 0 HP, the box will then explode and Eleveny will emerge from within to hand out prizes.  During his phase of handing our prizes, everyone can claim a recharge of one bar of Vitality from Eleveny.  


Eleveny will give one participant the Top Prize, selected randomly from those who participated in freeing him.  You can only win the Top Prize once each time Eleveny spawns.

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The following items are awarded as the Top Prize on their particular day.  Remember, you can only win the Top Prize once per Eleveny spawn.  These items are permanent items.

Date Top Prize Reward
May 13th (Weds) 11th_blessedlibra.jpg Agathion - Blessed Libra
May 14th (Thurs) 11th_pearl.jpg Pearl Stage 5
May 15th (Fri) 11th_r99armor.jpg L2 Market R99 Armor Enhancement Stone Pack
May 16th (Sat) 11th_8ama.jpg L2 Market +8 Amaranthine Weapon Pack
May 17th (Sun) 11th_seedtalisman.jpg L2 Market Seed Talisman Pack
May 18th (Mon) 11th_diamond.jpg Diamond Stage 5
May 19th (Tues) 11th_eternal.jpg L2 Market +4 Eternal Armor Pack
May 20th (Weds) 11th_rarepack.jpg L2 Market Rare Accessory Pack
May 21st (Thurs) 11th_sapphire.jpg Sapphire Stage 5
May 22nd (Fri) 11th_soulbottle.jpg L2 Market Soul Bottle Pack
May 23rd (Sat) 11th_beltpack.jpg L2 Market Belt Pack
May 24th (Sun) 11th_sevensigns.jpg L2 Market Talisman - Seven Signs Pack
May 25th (Mon) 11th_ruby.jpg Ruby Stage 5
May 27th (Tues) 11th_r99weapon.jpg L2 Market R99 Weapon Enhancement Stone Pack

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