10th Anniversary Celebration with the Lineage II Team

Come celebrate our 10th Anniversary with the Lineage II Team. We will be logging in to the servers to chat with players, give buffs, and have fun. To participate in the festivities, check your server’s scheduled celebration time and head to Fantasy Isle on April 28th.


Fantasy Isle





April 28th, 2014:


The Lineage II team and GMs will be appearing in-game to help celebrate with you!  They will login twice on April 28th for one hour each visit.  They'll be on every server to provide buffs to players!



Players will receive the following 1-Hour GM buffs:

  • All Iss Enchanter Melody Buffs
  • All Three Sonatas
  • Warrior's Harmony, Wizard’s Harmony, Knight’s Harmony
  • Mental Protection, Divine Protection, and Elemental Protection
  • Emblem of Salvation
  • Bard's Blessing
  • Rudolph's Blessing
  • Art of Seduction

Lineage II Team Visit Schedule


Time in PDT




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