10th Anniversary Blessing Buff


Event Process


The 10th Annivesrary Blessing increases in level every hour.

During the event, level 85 or higher characters can get the 10th Anniversary Blessing buff from one of the event NPCs: Chaotic Chronicle, Chaotic Throne, or Goddess of Destruction. There are 23 levels to the buff, and it will stay for 23 hours. While you have the buff, players can get 1 random item each hour, from which they might even get a Secret Fragment 6. Players can get up to 23 event items, plus the present that is given once a day, adding up to 24 event items in a day.

The 10th Anniversary Blessing increases in level every hour, and one random event item is sent to the inventory. If the buff disappears, you can get it again from the event NPC. If you are dead when you receive the event item, you will get both the 10th Anniversary Blessing and the event item.

If your character is dead when the buff effect wears off, you won't be able to get the reward and the buff skill for the next level.

In order to receive the random items from the 10th Anniversary Blessing, you need 10 empty slots in your inventory and less than 80% weight.


Event Rewards

10th Anniversay Blessing
Memory Fragment: Harbingers of War
Memory Fragment: Age of Splendor
Memory Fragment: Oath of Blood
Memory Fragment: The Kamael
Memory Fragment: Gracia
Memory Fragment: Awakening
Memory Fragment: Tauti
Memory Fragment: Lindvior
Secret Fragment 6
Squash Seed
Large Squash Seed
Master Yogi's Scroll: Enchant Weapon
10th Anniversary Item
Dandy's Gift Box (7-day)

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