The Hungry Horse II: Galup's Revenge


Pesky Elpies! Galup the Horse is back after the Elpies has gotten into his entire supply of carrots. Now he will have to replenish his stock of carrots and make sure Elpies can't have any!


Event Period

From August 5 to August 26:

  • Carrots will drop from monsters.
  • NPC Galup will be in game to feed carrots to acquire Galup's Special Luck Pouch.

From August 26 to September 2:

  • Carrots will no longer drop in game.
  • NPC Galup will continue to be available to feed Carrots to.

During the September 2nd maintenance:

  • NPC Galup will no longer be in game.
  • Maphr's Wind Scroll, Galup's Special Luck Pouches, Carrots, Carrot Pouches, and Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth (Hungry Horse version only) will be removed from inventories.


How to Participate

Collecting Carrots

Monsters in all hunting zones will drop Carrots.  In addition, carrots can also be purchased from the L2 Store.

Your character must be Awakened (or have completed their 3rd Liberation) and hunt monsters in the appropriate hunting zones for Carrots to drop. If Awakened/Liberated characters hunt monsters in lower-level zones for non-Awakened characters, no Carrots will drop for them.


Galup's Surprise Appearance

A Hungry Galup will only appear at a set rate in hunting zones that are 85 or higher. Double-click on Carrots to feed him!

If you give Hungry Galup 7 Carrots, you will receive a reward. After he eats a set number of Carrots, Hungry Galup will disappear and drop Galup's Gift Pouch. This will give you a Horse Power buff and a Carrot Pouch that can be used to obtain between 3 to 33 Carrots. The Horse Power buff increases moving speed by 100 and lasts 5 minutes.  It cannot be stacked, but will not be deleted when entering an instanced zone.


Exchange Carrots

Collect Carrots from hunting zones and take them to the Event NPC Galup in any of the villages to exchange them for Galup's Special Luck Pouch.

  Item Carrots

Galup's Special Luck Pouch (x1)


Galup's Special Luck Pouch (x100)


Dark Knight Appearance Stone




Please keep in mind that rewards can only be received when the inventory weight/quantity is less than 80% full.

You can go to the NPC Galup in any of the villages to exchange 40 Carrots for Galup's Special Luck Pouch, which will then give you one of the following items:

Type Item
Rare Items
  • Kelbim Dagger
  • Kelbim Dual Dagger
  • Kelbim Bow
  • Kelbim Crossbow
  • Tauti's One-handed Axe
  • Tauti's Axe (2-Handed blunt weapon)
  • Tauti's Dual Axe
Kartia Entrance Passes
  • Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth Lv. 85 Solo
  • Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth Lv. 90 Solo
  • Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth Lv. 95 Solo
  • Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth Lv. 85 Party
  • Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth Lv. 90 Party
  • Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth Lv. 95 Party
Elemental Crystals
  • Fire Crystal
  • Water Crystal
  • Earth Crystal
  • Wind Crystal
  • Dark Crystal
  • Holy Crystal
Soul Bottle & Fragments
  • Bottle of Freya's Soul
  • Bottle of Antharas' Soul
  • Bottle of Valakas' Soul
  • Bottle of Queen Ant's Soul
  • Bottle of Orfen's Soul
  • Bottle of Frintezza's Soul
  • Bottle of Baium's Soul
  • 10x Bottle Fragment of Valakas' Soul
  • 10x Bottle Fragment of Antharas' Soul
  • 10x Bottle Fragment of Baium's Soul
  • 10x Bottle Fragment of Orfen's Soul
  • 10x Bottle Fragment of Queen Ant's Soul
  • 10x Bottle Fragment of Frintezza's Soul
  • 10x Bottle Fragment of Freya's Soul

Hair Accessory Box

w/ 2 random properties

See table below for more info

  • Rabbit Ears Box
  • Raccoon Ears Box
  • Cat Ears Box
  • Romantic Chapeau Box
  • Angel Circlet Box
  • Demon Circlet Box
  • Pirate's Eyepatch Box
  • Outlaw's Eyepatch Box
  • Eyepatch Box
  • Party Hat Box
  • Refined Angel Ring Box
  • Refined Devil Horn Box
Hair Accessory Pendant Boxes
  • CON/MEN Pendant Pack
  • INT/WIT Pendant Pack
  • STR/DEX Pendant Pack
  • P. Def./P. Evasion Pendant Pack
  • P. Atk./P. Accuracy Pendant Pack
  • Critical Pendant Pack
  • Maphr's Wind Scroll
  • Fortune Pocket - Stage 1
  • Fortune Pocket - Stage 2
  • Fortune Pocket - Stage 3
  • Spirit Stone: Hair Accessory


Maphr's Wind Scroll
  • Vitality consumption + 200% and XP/SP acquisition + 200% while hunting.
  • Remains after death.
  • Duration is 30 sec. Cooldown is 1 min.
  • Only usable when 1 or more Vitality slot is full.
  • Cannot be used in the Olympiad.
  • Does not stack with Freya's Frozen Scroll.


Hair Accessory Box Properties
Hair accessory boxes recieved from Galup's Special Luck Pouch, when opened will randomly add two properties from the table below. One property will be selected from Option A and another from Option B.
 Option A  Option B
  • STR + 3
  • DEX + 3
  • CON + 3
  • MEN + 3
  • INT + 3
  • WIT + 3
  • LUC + 3
  • CHA + 3
  • P. Critical Rate + 50
  • P. Critical Damage + 90 / M. Critical Damage + 68
  • P. Def + 5%
  • M. Def +5%
  • P. Evasion + 5
  • P. Atk + 5%
  • M. Atk. + 10%
  • P. Accuracy + 5


For 25,000 Carrots, you can get the Dark Night Appearance Stone.

Dark Knight Appearance Stone - Female
Dark-Knight-Ertheia.png Dark-Knight-Human-F.png Dark-Knight-Elf-F.png Dark-Knight-Dark-Elf-F.png
Ertheia Human Elf Dark Elf
Orc Dwarf Kamael
Dark-Knight-Orc-F.png Dark-Knight-Dwarf-F.png Dark-Knight-Kamael-F.png


Dark Knight Appearance Stone - Male
Dark-Knight-Human-M.png Dark-Knight-Elf-M.png Dark-Knight-Dark-Elf-M.png
Human Elf Dark Elf
Orc Dwarf Kamael
Dark-Knight-Orc-M.png Dark-Knight-Dwarf-M.png Dark-Knight-Kamael-M.png


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