Vitality Beverage Issue in L2 Galleria Packs

As many of you know, the L2 Galleria website's item description of the Vitality Replenishing Beverage in the Destiny Pack and Adventure Pack was incorrect for many days. By translation error, it specified that it "fully replenishes Vitality," but it has recently been corrected to say that it "partially replenishes Vitality." The in-game description will be corrected during the next weekly maintenance.

During the time that it displayed the wrong description, many players were mislead and purchased the packs expecting Vitality items of higher value and ability. As they discovered that the items did not give the Vitality reward they expected, these players now have rightful complaints, which we seek to amend.

Every player that purchased a Destiny Pack or Adventure Pack between November 23, 2011, and December 7, 2011 (before that day's maintenance), will be compensated with additional Vitality items.

The type of Vitality item, how it works, how many each pack-type customer will receive as compensation, and when the compensation will be delivered have not yet been determined. While these details are in the process of being finalized, rest assured we are working hard to address this matter and make our beloved customers happy once again.

We will post more updates once the details are finalized. Stay tuned!

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