Tersi's Light to End Early on Chronos and Naia

The Tersi's Light event invites each player character to stay logged in for at least two hours per day to receive valuable tradable event items. Because of this, the Chronos and Naia servers have been at capacity for several days, causing many players to not be able to log in. To help lower the server capacity and restore login ability to players, the Tersi's Light event will end one week early on Chronos and Naia.

With tomorrow's regular server maintenance, the Tersi's Light event will enter its final stage on Chronos and Naia only. In the final stage, Fragments of Light no longer drop from monsters and players have one final week to use their event items and receive rewards.

On the Shilen, Magmeld, and Bartz servers, the event will continue as previously planned.

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