Tersi's Light Agathion Removal - January 18

As many of you know, the Tersi's Light event created issues involving server capacity, as players were encouraged to log on for at least two hours per day to receive tradable event items from the Tersi's Light Agathion. As a result, new characters were constantly created and left logged in, to create profit for their own, and the servers reached capacity early on in the event, making it so that it was not possible for many other players to log in.

We have already taken some actions to fix this issue: the event was transitioned into its final stage on Chronos and Naia, the most affected servers. Although the event and the issue will end one week early for them, the Tersi's Light Agathions still gave event items in the final week, proving it to have been a less than ideal solution. Since then, we have worked closely with the development team to look for a better solution to this issue. We are happy to announce that we have been able to make the technical changes necessary for this despite it not having seemed possible previously.

The Tersi's Light Agathion will be removed from all servers in the maintenance of January 18, 2012. This change is redundant to Chronos and Naia, as the event will be entirely concluded on that day. On Shilen, Magmeld and Bartz, the lag issue should be reduced in a way that allows players to log on and play the rest of the event.

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