Talk Like A Pirate Day Event

Ahoy! Adventurers,
Tomorro' be Talk Like A Pirate Day, ye land lubbers! To celebrate this fun novelty holiday, we're puttin' your pirate knowledge t' the test.
Starting at 11:00am PDT on September 19th, we're going to post multiple choice, pirate themed questions on our Facebook page and forum. The first 4 players to answer the questions correctly get beautiful treasure!
The top 4 players to answer a question correctly will receive:
  • 1 Pirate’s Hat accessory
  • 1 Zaken’s Cloak
  • 1 7-day Agathion - Zaken’s Spirit Swords
  • 1 Legendary Pouch

pirate rewards.jpg

So I hope ye join us tomorro' for some pirate fun!


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