Player Summit Pictures

Thank you to everyone that attended!

The Lineage II & Aion Player Summit and party was a great success. Lots of valuable feedback about the game and NCoin stores was collected, tasty food and potions were consumed, happiness buffs prevailed, and most importantly everyone had lots of fun.

Enjoy the pictures that we've collected from employee cameras as well as players.


Click an image to view the photo in full size. Player names have been omitted for privacy.

PAX2012-party_1.jpg 1. The event space at Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant. It was a good turn-out, if a bit crowded.
PAX2012-party_2.jpg 2. Video feedback area in the back, entrance at the back right, and food table to the right.
PAX2012-party_3.JPG 3. View down to the back of the room where karaoke was set up.
PAX2012-party_4.JPG 4. A happy couple that met in-game!
PAX2012-party_5.JPG 5. Players and staff mingling! All staff have black Aion or Lineage II shirts on. Sly and Nyx of Aion can be seen at the right.
PAX2012-party_6.JPG 6. Players could grab a table to hang out, or mingle around the room.
Thumbnail image for PAX2012-party_7-playerpic.jpg

7. Free pool!


Photo courtesy of a player.


8. The Lineage II team with a dedicated player sporting one of our Lineage II t-shirts! Left to right: Cryo (Producer), Sace (Community Manager), Juji (Production Assistant), and dedicated player.


Photo courtesy of a player.

PAX2012-party_9.jpg 9. Jazzing it up thanks to our gracious karaoke hosts.
PAX2012-party_10.jpg 10. Time for the raffle! Valor of Aion, and Sace of Lineage II announce the winners.

11. Sace, Lineage II Community Manager.


Photo courtesy of a player.

PAX2012-party_12.JPG 12. A very lucky raffle winner.
PAX2012-party_13.jpg 13. A happy raffle winner, in front of our Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction banner.

14. Valor of Aion singing Rebel Yell.


Photo courtesy of a player.


15. Hendrake of Aion, and Juji, Lineage II Production Assistant.


Photo courtesy of a player.


16. Cryo, Lineage II Producer, and Sly of Aion.


Photo courtesy of a player.


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