How The Fated Support Box Works


Now that the Ertheia expansion is live we wanted to make sure to go over the Path to Awakening changes. We're streamlining the Path to Awakening, no longer will you have to log into the Path to Awakening site to claim your rewards. Starting today, new characters will receive the Fated Support Box upon creation. This item can be used when you reach level 40, and will contain level appropriate items for you at certain level intervals.


Inside is the Fated Support Box for your class.  These are what will contain the items for your level.  You just need to reach the appropriate level (as noted on the item) and double click the Box.  

For Example:  At level 40, once you complete your class change (if you have one), you will be able to open the Fated Support Box for C-Grade.  Once clicked, the Box will turn red and update to your next milestone, B-Grade.


Once open, the Box will grant you a full set of gear.


Below are the levels you will need to reach to be able to access each grade of gear from the Box.  Remember that you will also need to complete the class change quest before the Fated Support Box will open, unless you are Ertheia, which will just need to reach the appropriate level.

Fated Support Box Content
Level 40 C-Grade
Level 52 B-Grade
Level 61 A-Grade
Level 76 Stage 1 - S-Grade
Level 81 Stage 2 - S-Grade

If you have any questions about the Fated Support Box, feel free to post them on our forum

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