Grace Period for Failed Transfers

All characters that have failed their server transfer attempts since January 18, 2012, will be granted a grace period and final opportunity to successfully transfer, during the maintenance on February 15, 2012. There is no need to re-queue to sign-up for this transfer—all characters that have failed in the previously scheduled Free Magmeld Transfers are automatically signed up for this process that will take place during the next maintenance period.

Please be sure to prepare your character for transfer correctly. The transfer eligibility requirements are clearly listed, and it is a player’s responsibility to be properly prepared for the transfer. This is the final transfer process from Chronos and Naia to Magmeld; characters that fail the February 15 transfers will not be processed again.

If you have changed your mind about transferring and you wish to stay on Chronos or Naia, simply alter your character so that the eligibility is not met: for example, join a clan, or send mail to an alt character and leave it in the mail system during the February 15 maintenance

For your information, the top 3 most common reasons that a character transfer fails are:

  • The character was in a clan.
  • The character has items in the mail system, either in their mailbox or being sent by them.
  • The Magmeld placeholder character was level 2 or higher.

To be eligible to transfer, your character must meet the following requirements on the day of the maintenance:

  • Your character must not be in a clan/alliance.
  • Empty your mailbox and Auction House. The transfer cannot happen if any items associated with you are still connected directly to the server's economy. Be sure to cancel all auctions and out-going mail, collect all items and payments from your mailbox, and to not create or send more until the transfer is complete.
  • Your character may not be a Hero at the time of the transfer.
  • The placeholder character that you created on Magmeld must remain at level 1-- do not play or level up that character. This is the same character you specified in your transfer application.

To read more details about transferring, and what items are transferrable, see the Magmeld Transfer details page.

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