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A Letter from Gon Namkung, Lineage II Development Director:

Economy and Items

Poll Open from September 26 to October 3, 2012


The second matter of discussion involves the changes to another special characteristic of Lineage II, namely economics and items in the Chapter 3: Lindvior update.

This has been greatly changed, just like the class structure changes that took place with the Goddess of Destruction update. Lineage II used to possess the basic rules of “time = reward,” and “chance for raising value” for simple economics. But, simple economics have been crumbling in recent years. With the new direction of economics and items in the Goddess of Destruction update, many problems started to arise with the current structure. Economics and items are very important in the game. Therefore, the Lineage II economics system will be revised in order to correct the current problems.

The following are some of the main problems that we face. We intend to make a big change in direction in order to correct these issues.


Option 1

The Elimination of Uneven Reward Supply

A) Current Problems
Currently in Lineage II, the supply route for main items is unevenly provided as special content. There is various content (instance dungeons, field hunting, field raids, crafting, etc.) for supplying items, but the content chances and reward categories are imbalanced, which leads to problems in valuation that exclude some content.

For example, the supply of equipment items is concentrated in raid boss and instance dungeon raids, so that the other types of content lose meaning or become less valuable.

Current Lineage II equipment item supply situation according to type of content.


B) Changes in the Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 3 Update

Change all reward suppliers; balance rewards among content.

In the Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 3 update, the list of items that are supplied per type of content will be adjusted for fairness. Items that are supplied through raid boss and instance dungeon raids will decrease, so that even when other types of content are enjoyed, the reward list and number of rewards obtained will not be concentrated heavily in any one area.

The crafting system which plays a big role in the economics of Lineage II will continue to be important. In addition, field hunting drop rewards will be enhanced so that the player can enjoy various types of content while reaching his goals. However, to adjust the overall number of supplied equipment items, the amount provided in boss instance dungeon raids will be decreased, and other useful items will be provided instead.

Item supply will focus on the crafting system; overall reorganization.

The collection of crafting ingredient items will be reorganized as part of the improvements to the crafting system. Also, item characteristics will be considered in the adjustment of consumption amounts and the supply of recipes and ingredients. In addition, the weight of ingredient items that currently have many problems will be adjusted, components that demand excessive amounts of supplies will be fixed, and access to crafting will become easier. Further, ingredient items needed for crafting will be changed so that they can be acquired through various types of content. In particular, ingredient items that are acquired at a low level will be upgradable so that they can be used at high levels. Ingredient items for crafting will continuously be acquired through normal hunting, various types of trading will be developed, and the crafting system will be revised so that the opportunity cost for crafting is lowered.



Option 2

Pausing of the Supply of Bound items and the Deletion of Circulation-Blocking Elements

A) Current Problems
The current structure for the supply of Unidentified items allows for the enjoyment of fast advancement, short equipment change period, and the fun of enchanting and enhancing with the new direction of the Goddess of Destruction. Many items are supplied through Unidentified items, but due their Bound status, these are reversion-type items that can only be used by the specific player. The player must invest a lot into the enhancing of items that can only be used by a specific character and cannot be traded. As such, they have become items that are not circulated but remain only with the player. Also, the number of Standard and Blessed items are decreased due to the supply of many Bound-type items. The decreased volume disrupts circulation, which is an important element of the game.

B) Changes in the Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 3

Pause the supply of Bound and Unidentified items.

In Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 3, the supply of Bound and Unidentified items in Lineage II will be paused, and there will be a return in focus to Standard items. Even in field hunting, items that are not Standard will directly drop with a low chance. Non-Standard items will be supplied through the crafting system as well. Through this approach, the heavy investment in Unidentified items will be eliminated, and set values will be established. The investment cost involved in enhancing Bound items will not end with simple consumption.

Disposal of Bound items.

Bound items that currently exist on the server cannot be exchanged for Standard items nor deleted. The market price for non-Standard items already exists, so causing major fluctuations would not be beneficial. But in order to resolve the problem of customers who have losses on their investment in Bound items, the following will be implemented:

  • Continuous supply of Unbind Scrolls to give players the opportunity to change them into Standard items.
  • Increase the merit of crystallizing Bound items through the changes in the Chapter 3 crystallization system.
    • Acquire an important ingredient after crystallization.
    • Supply additional reward for soul crystals and enchantment.


Option 3

Maintaining Stability for Asset Value

A) Current Problems
There have been many updates in Lineage II, and many high-level items have been added. Each time this occurred, the value of the items that are already in the players’ possession changed. Especially with the Goddess of Destruction update, when R-Grade items were added, there occurred a significant differentiation between S- and R-Grade items, resulting in a big decrease in the value of S-Grade items. When many new items that exceeded R-Grade were added, it became difficult to maintain value, resulting in a disruption in the value of assets.

Although some change in value is permissible with the addition of new items and their supply and quantities, a certain level of stability must be maintained. Therefore, we will provide for basic stability and enchantment values.

B) Changes in the Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 3
In the future, the supply method and balance for new high level items will be carefully considered.The following are expected to take place after Chapter 3:

  • Even with the addition of high-level items, we will attempt to add them without causing significant detrimental effects on the characteristics of existing items.
  • Existing equipment items will be utilized as ingredients for upgrading to high-level items.
  • The supply amount will be carefully adjusted to minimize the changes in value to existing items.
  • Even when high-level items are supplied, low-level items will continue to be maintained.



The final analysis is as follows:

  • Uneven Reward Supply Problem: Much content will become playable again through the balancing of supply. Ingredient collecting and trading through various economic activities will become available with crafting.
  • Improve items that block circulation: Pause the supply of Unidentified and Bound items to change the economy structure to Investment to Quantity to Re-Investment, and to stop the cost of enhancing from becoming simple consumption.
  • Maintain Asset Value: By adjusting volume and supply, maintain stability of asset values. Even with the introduction of high-level items, minimize the drop in value through various methods such as upgrading.

The robust structure of the economics system and item characteristics of Lineage II will be maintained and revived.

Thank you.


The Question

“What is the most important element in the changes to economics and items in Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 3?”

  1. Elimination of uneven reward supply
  2. Pausing the supply of Bound items, and the deletion of circulation-blocking elements
  3. Maintaining stability for asset value
  4. Other (To suggest a method of improving the item system and economy other than those listed above, please post a reply with a clear explanation.)

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