Dimensional Castle Siege Highlights

Have you had a chance to participate in the cross server spectacle, the Dimensional Castle Siege? Now that the first two weeks of the Dimensional Castle Siege has claimed its victors and victims, we wanted to bring you the highlights and show you what an amazing event the Dimensional Castle Siege really is.

Click image to view the battle highlights from the first ever Dimensional Castle Siege.


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The first Dimensional Castle Siege held its share of surprises, I don't believe anyone saw coming.  Most notably the alliance between the Renovatio (Nova) and SilentHorrors clans, who seemingly came to a non-aggression agreement prior to the siege, allowing them to focus on other clans and take the top two castles, Rune and Aden for themselves.

Not to be outdone on the maiden siege, MAX and Genocide clans conquered the hard-fought castles, Goddard and Giran respectively to complete the victors list of the first ever Dimensional Castle Siege.

For those that wish to see the entire, almost 2-hour long first Dimensional Castle Siege, click the image below. 


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This unfortunately left Clans from Bartz and Shilen server without a dimensional castle to call their own on the first siege.

Participating Clans Winning Clans
Renovatio - Chronos
SilentHorrors - Naia
MAX - Magmeld
Genocide - Magmeld
Stronghold - Bartz
Enigma - Bartz
DragonHunters - Naia
Fear - Shilen
ImperialWarriors - Shilen
Clan Name - Castle Claimed
Renovatio - Aden
SilentHorrors - Rune
MAX - Goddard
Genocide - Giran



Bartz clans came back with a fury for the second Dimensional Castle Siege. Having been denied a castle the previous week, Stronghold and Enigma from Bartz claimed Goddard and Giran respectively. Seeing as Goddard and Giran have been the heavily contended castles so far, will Stronghold and Enigma be able to hold on to them?

Renovatio and SilentHorrors continue their non-aggression agreement with each other and held their castles, Aden and Rune. Seeing as the castles, Aden and Rune give more rewards than Goddard and Giran, will we see new alliances forged? Will other clans ban together to remove Renovatio and SilentHorrors from their thrones? 

Will we see clans merge into bigger, stronger clans? The Dimensional Castle Siege allows each participating clan to bring 200 of its strongest members and so far we've seen clans bring less than their full complement.

If you'd like to learn about the Dimensional Castle Siege rewards or how to participate, please click here for more information.

Also, if you'd like to share your feedback on the Dimensional Castle Siege, please check out our forum post and share your thoughts and suggestions. 

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