Destiny Pack Promo: Solutions to Problems

The Destiny Pack Preview Promo was a hit! Some players that made the purchase had a less than optimal experience with the promo, however, due to various reasons which we would like to amend.


Problem 1

"I chose the wrong server!"

Several players that purchased the Destiny Pack chose the wrong server when specifying where to apply the item.

Solution: We are currently offering a one-time server-switch for the Destiny Pack, the Limited Time Bonus items, the Vesper Weapon of Destiny, and the 10 Destiny Enchant Scrolls that you received.

Please note:

  • This server-switch service will be available for a limited time only, so if you need the server please contact us soon.
  • A Destiny Pack server switch is only possible if you have not opened the pack yet.

You must contact customer support to request a server switch. To contact them:

  • Write a support ticket here. Include the following information in these places:
  • In the Subject line: "Destiny Pack Server Switch"
  • In the Question box:
    • Say the name of your server and character that has the items now.
    • Say the name of the server you want the items to go to (Chronos, Naia, Shilen, or Magmeld).

Please note that the same Vesper Weapon of Destiny rules apply when requesting a server switch: the Vesper Weapon of Destiny and the 10 Destiny Enchant Scrolls will go to the highest level character on the destination server.


Problem 2

"I thought I made it in time for the promo but I just barely missed it!"

Depending on their timezones, some players were confused about when the promo ended exactly. These players purchased the Destiny Pack expecting to receive the promo bonus of the Vesper Weapon of Destiny.

Solution: We have created a "grace period" for players that bought the pack within 11 hours after the promo's actual cutoff time.

  • The cutoff time was November 29, 2011, at 6pm CST; the grace period extends it to November 30, 2011, 5am CST. Players who missed the cutoff but still made the grace period will receive the promo items: Vesper Weapon of Destiny and the 10 Destiny Enchant Scrolls.
  • We already have a list of all the players that purchased the pack during the grace period: there is no need to contact customer support to request that you get the promo items.
  • The rules for the promo items received in the grace period are the same rules as during the actual promo: the promo items will be delivered to the highest level character on the server that they assigned the Destiny Pack to. The class of that character will determine the type of Vesper Weapon of Destiny they receive.
  • The promo items will be delivered in the maintenance on Wednesday, December 7, 2011.
  • The grace period does not include the Elegia weapon sweepstakes: the sweepstakes is over and no more Elegia weapons will be awarded.


Problem 3

"I failed the enchantment on my Vesper Weapon of Destiny and it is gone!"

Some players that failed enchanting their weapon and lost it are asking for a refund.

Unfortunately this problem cannot be resolved. The risks of enchantment are part of the game design. It is explained in the website's library and also in the promo's FAQs. We understand that it can be frustrating when a weapon breaks on enchantment-- it can happen to anyone, but success can also happen to anyone.


Please visit the forums if you have any questions about the above topics.

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