Class Diversification Poll: Sept 19 - Sept 26, 2012

A Letter from Gon Namkung, Lineage II Development Director:

Class Diversification

Poll Open from September 19 to September 26, 2012

* The poll has already happened and ended in Korea and development based on those responses has begun. However, the developers are eager to get all of NCSOFT West players’ feedback as well for reference and consideration.

While focusing on bringing back the flavor of Lineage II, Chapter 3’s class-related development aims to also balance out the current imbalances between the Awakened classes. For this round of discussion we would like to talk about class diversity, one of the hallmarks of Lineage II.

The Need for Diversification

Due to Lineage II’s small but distinct differences between characters even within the same classes, a player could be motivated to level up their characters and take pride in their individuality through their unique roles in the game (for example: Dwarves focus on crafting). We used the Awakening to try to resolve issues stemming from an overabundance of classes, such as class imbalance and exclusion from group play, but this has oversimplified the intricacies of uniqueness and roles, resulting in a loss of player pride in their characters.

Though we have resolved certain issues such as convenience in group play and exclusion from groups through the Awakening, we have decided that restoring diversity and uniqueness is the path to bringing back Lineage II’s flavor and increasing players’ attachment to their characters.

Basic Direction in Diversification

Adding Unique Characteristics to the 3rd Classes

  • We need to stress the importance of the one year of experience following the Goddess of Destruction update, rather than to turn all skills and battle patterns on their heads at once for a gargantuan change.
  • We can bestow individual uniqueness just by giving 3rd class characteristics based on Awakened skills from classes that are not too different from the 3rd classes.
  • At first we will bestow uniqueness by retaining almost 100% of the Awakened skills and adding about 10% of the 3rd class’ traits, to give 110% in power and stats. And with following updates, we will gradually add more traits, either new or from the 3rd classes.

Opportunities for Choice

  • Rather than being forced to undergo diversification within the current Awakened classes they belong to, players will be able to choose for themselves from multiple options within the same class types.
  • Choices in diversification could break the “race = class” formula, but that formula has already been broken through the Dual Classes and Stone of Destiny. Furthermore, class diversification is more important than race uniqueness.

Lessen the Depth of Diversification for Classes Essential to Group Play

  • Classes that are essential to group play such as knight, healer, and enchanter have a high chance of being excluded from groups due to minor differences. We will therefore lessen the depth of diversification, or add new abilities in elements other than hunting, such as PvP.

Restoring Lost Roles

  • We will secure a range of uniqueness by allowing only relevant classes to play roles played by the Fortune Seeker (Spoil), Maestro (Crafting), and Dominator (Clan).
  • Classes that take up unique roles again will lose a portion of Awakened Class roles.
  • When deleting skills due to unique role takeover, we will make sure that there is 0% loss on the players’ part, such as loss in enchants and other such elements.

Diversification Options

With the above said, the dev team has narrowed down the possible implementation methods to three, from which they will select the final method. We will use the Sigel Knight as an example to help illustrate the idea. All skills that are said to be added in the diversification process in the three plans are merely example cases.


Option 1

Diversification through Race-Specific Traits for the Awakening Class


Retain the Awakening Structure and Diversify via 3rd Class (Relevant Class): Pass on the 3rd class abilities based on race among the Sigel Knights.

  • Example: As an Elf Sigel Knight’s 3rd class used to be an Eva’s Templar, he or she would be endowed with healing powers through Cubic and Eva’s Will skills characteristic of that class.
  • A Dwarf Sigel Knight – which cannot currently exist but can be created through the Stone of Destiny – will be endowed with the same traits as a Human Sigel Knight.)
Pros Cons
  • Diversity without making big changes to the current Awakening structure
  • Less smooth connection with the 3rd class transfer structure
  • Forced diversification with no choices present if already Awakened
  • Classes and Dual Classes that Awakened with the Stone of Destiny cannot change


Option 2

Choose 3rd Class Skills to Keep for the Awakening Class


Retain the Awakened Class Structure and Add on the Main 3rd Class Skills: Select and learn a limited number of skills that represent each class. Based on these choices, players of the same class can battle each other in diverse scenarios.

  • Example: Acquire 3 skills of your choice among the 12 skills that represent the 3rd knight class.
Pros Cons
  • Player gets to choose what unique traits they would like for their characters
  • Less smooth connection with the 3rd class transfer structure
  • Imbalance could occur if a majority of players choose a select few skills


Option 3

Diversify by Dividing the Awakened Classes into 34 Classes


Diversify the Structure of the Current Awakened Classes Based on the 3rd Classes:
All 34 classes from the 3rd class will transfer into Awakened classes, allowing players to transfer into unified classes similar to the 2nd-class-to-3rd-class transfer. As you can see from the image above, each class will be made unique by adding current Awakened skills as well as some 3rd class skills (the enchanted versions) and new characteristics.

  • Example: A Human Sigel Knight would be able to choose one of the 4 classes including Sigel Phoenix Knight (name tentative). The same rule applies for a Necromancer who has Awakened into a Sigel Knight with the Stone of Destiny.
  • The four 3rd knight classes that did not Awaken at the point of the update cannot go on to Awaken into Sigel Knight. If already Awakened (including cases in which the Stone of Destiny was used), the player will have the opportunity to choose among the 3rd classes that belong to the relevant group.
Pros Cons
  • Strengthen connection with the 3rd class transfer structure
  • Can choose classes even after Awakening
  • Minimize confusion in battles after Awakening, and highlight clear differences between classes with their uniqueness
  • Issues such as certain classes’ time spent on grouping are not really prominent
  • The 8 current Awakened classes and the 34 (tentative) future classes could coexist for some time
  • Some classes may end up losing some skills (An Othell Rogue may gain a 3rd transfer class’ skill and lose Plunder due to the Fortune Seeker.)


The details may be seem lacking in comparison to the informed decision we seek, but this is very important to us in our development direction in regards to class diversification moving forward. We would greatly appreciate your participation.

Thank you.


The Question

"What change should we make that will best restore class balance and uniqueness among the Awakening classes?”

The possible answers are:

  1. Diversify through race-specific traits for the Awakening class
  2. Diversify by choosing what 3rd class skills to keep per the Awakening class chosen
  3. Diversify by dividing the Awakened classes back into 34 classes
  4. Other (To suggest a method of diversification other than those listed above, please post a reply with a clear explanation.)
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