Bartz Server Time to Change

Recently, the Bartz Poll decided on the new Castle Siege time schedule for the Bartz server. Although a revolutionary idea, changing the Castle Siege time removed Castle Sieges from the otherwise harmonious and synchronized schedule of server occurrences. To maintain the harmonius schedule and prevent confusion surround the server's time zone, the entire server's schedule is being moved to match the winning Castle Siege time. Other scheduled server occurrences include Territory Wars, Olympiad start-time, daily quest reset times, instanced zone reset times, and more.

This change may seem shocking, especially now that the Bartz Poll is closed and voters did not know it would affect server times as well. However, the winning time in the Bartz Poll ended up being only one hour later than the existing server time. As such, all scheduled activities on Bartz will occur one hour later than previously.

This change on Bartz will take place with the maintenance of January 18, 2012.

This change is also in alignment with the new Castle Siege and Server Times Poll, which will decide on the new Castle Siege times, and subsequently new server times in general, for all other servers. Read more about the Castle Siege and Server Times Poll here.

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