Zaken Server First Rewards


The new server, Zaken, launched today, November 12th, 2015 and as players, veteran and new, enter this unexplored realm, there will be those who become the first to complete various activities.

Be the first to complete any one of these server first achievements and you will be rewarded.

The event period will end on November 29th and winners will be announced on December 4th.

First Players to Create a Party Together

Rewards (for each party member):

  • First Mate Hat


First Player for each race to Reach Level 85


  • Zaken's Earring
  • Pirate Captain Appearance Outfit
  • Zaken's Spiritsword Agathion
  • Zaken's Soul Cloak
  • Transformation Sealbook: Zaken


First Group to Defeat Zaken in Daytime Difficult Level 83

Rewards (for each party member):

  • Pirate Crew Appearance Outfit
  • Zaken’s Spiritsword Agathion
  • Zaken’s Soul Cloak
  • Transformation Scroll: Zaken x10
  • Pirate Elixir 1-hour x10


First Siege for Each Castle: Aden, Rune, Goddard, Giran, Schuttgart, Oren, Gludio, Dion, and Innadril

First clan to take one of the castles. Nine Castles available. Nine different clans can be rewarded.

Rewards (per each clan member participating in the winning siege):

  • Pirate Hat
  • Zaken’s Spiritsword Agathion


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