10th Anniversary Trivia Contest



Back by popular demand, it’s Lineage II Trivia Time! You’ve plundered the lore of pirates, and endured the frenetic frights of horror movies, but now it’s time to put your wits to the test once again. To celebrate Lineage II’s 10th Anniversary, we’re holding a Trivia Contest on Facebook! And this time the topic is…. Lineage II lore!


The Lineage II 10th Anniversary Trivia Contest will run from April 21st to May 7th, 2014.

How to participate:

  1. Like the Lineage II Facebook page.
  2. Every day, at a random time, a question will be posted to the Lineage II Facebook page.
  3. The first person to answer it correctly and include the hashtag #Lineage2_10th will receive a prize.
  4. Players must include their character name and server with their answer.
  5. One answer per person. You cannot change/edit your answer.

The prize for each question will be announced when the question is posted. Prizes will be delivered to the winners in-game.

For the full contest rules, please click here.

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