10th Anniversary Code Giveaway



The Early Bird Tweets the Codes…

Starting on April 14th, the Lineage II team will be giving away free codes on twitter. What are they for? It’s a surprise! 
The Anniversary Code Giveaway will run from April 14th until May 7th, 2014.
How to participate:
  1. Follow Lineage II (@NCWest_Lineage2) on Twitter. This is obviously a very important step.
  2. Every day, one code will be tweeted at a random time during the day. It could be 8am. It could be 8pm. That’s the meaning of “random”. 
  3. Each code will have one digit replaced with an X.
  4. Whomever enters the correct code first on the “Enter a code” tab of the account management page will win the item. And the glory.
  5. Winner should retweet with the #Lineage2_10th hashtag with what they have won. After all, you can’t put a price on bragging rights.
For the full contest rules, please click here.
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