Welcome the Aden Prize Wheel

The Aden Prize Wheel is a fun instant-win mini-game in which you can buy spins for NCoin, spin the wheel, and win big! Every spin is a win and rewards you with useful rewards.

In its debut the Aden Prize Wheel will be available for 2 weeks only, from November 21 to December 5, 2012. Based on popularity and success it may return in the future with even better prizes!


How do I play?

  • Visit the Aden Prize Wheel website page.
  • Log in with your Lineage II game account and password.
  • Choose a server and character. The prize items you win will be delivered to the Dimensional Merchant NPC on that server.
    • Your character must be level 85 or higher to play the game.
  • Each spin costs 99 NCoin. You can see at the bottom the number of spins you have left per NCoin balance on your account. You can easily add to your NCoin balance by clicking on the Buy NCoin button next to your spin number.
  • When ready, push the big button to spin the wheel! Remember, every spin is a win, so you will always get something useful. As soon as you win the item it is sent to the Dimensional Merchant; you don’t need to do anything else but log in and speak to the NPC to claim your prize!
    • If you want to skip the spin animation, press the big button again when it says “Skip.”
  • Ready for more? Spin the wheel again and see what else you can win!


What prizes can I get?

You can see the full list of prizes, and post what you won from the Aden Prize Wheel on the forums!


Known Issues

There are a few minor issues that are present in the mini-game at its launch, which will be fixed in the near future:

  • The game is designed to work on smartphones as a fitted webpage (not as a separate app) but currently the spin animation is not optimal on phones other than the iPhone 5.
  • If your login credentials don’t match, there is no login error message; instead, the page and login prompt will simply refresh so that you can enter the correct credentials.
  • There are a few text and spelling errors.
  • The game currently does not work in Internet Explorer. It works perfectly in other popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.


Got questions?

Visit the FAQ on the game page. (At the bottom of the page, click on Read the FAQ to expand the list.) If you have further questions or wish to join the discussion about the Aden Prize Wheel, visit us on the forums.

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