Upcoming Changes With The Lindvior Update

We are one week away from the LINEAGE II: LINDVIOR update! With that in mind we wanted to announce some upcoming changes that will take place once LINDVIOR arrives. 

Grand Olympiad

  • As announced before, current Heroes will lose their Hero status when the update goes live on May 29th.
  • There will be no Heroes for the month of May.
  • Click here for more details.

New Chat Block System

  • With the Lindvior update, we have implemented a new system to directly involve the community into preventing RMT spam.
    • After a certain number of blocks, a character will be temporarily banned from chatting and using the in-game mail system.
  • Please help us fight RMT spam by blocking them!
  • NOTE: anybody found abusing this system on other players will be severely sanctioned.

Castle Siege Changes

  • Due to the new Dimensional Siege system, we will be aligning all Castle Sieges on all servers on the same day.
  • Naia, Magmeld and Bartz Castle Sieges will happen normally on May 26th as scheduled, but the next siege after that will be on June 2nd to be aligned with Chronos and Shilen.
  • Chronos and Shilen will not be affected by this change.

Vitality Item Usage Limit

  • With Lindvior, the number of Vitality items that a character can use per week has been set to 9,999.


Database Clean Up

  • Characters who haven’t logged into the game since November 30th, 2009 will be deleted. There is no recovery possible.
    • For those that return between May 22nd and June 5th, 2013, 5:00 AM PDT, we will award you with 99 NCoin!
  • Character deletions will take place June 5th (during maintenance).
  • Click here for full details. 

Soul Avatar Agathion Collection

  • Collect all 12 and receive a free ninja outfit, a Japanese weapon and 3 energy recharge items for your agathions.
  • Decipher the secret phrase embedded into the Story Cards to receive a Destruction Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade) along with 12 energy recharge items. Only the 1st person to submit the correct code will receive the prize.
  • Click here for full details.

Stone of Destiny Removal

  • All Stone of Destiny will be removed during the Lindvior update.

L2 Store Gift Option

  • The gift option in the L2Store will be enabled when we launch Lindvior.
  • There is minimum level restriction of 85 to use this new feature.
  • More information on this new option coming soon. 

Mentee Certificate Removal From the Path to Awakening

  • With Lindvior, you do not need a mentee certificate anymore to get a mentor.
  • Additionally, the mentee certificate is now automatically granted to the mentee via in-game mail upon graduation at level 85
  • Due to this change, we will remove the mentee certificate from the Path to Awakening when Lindvior goes live.

Awakening Service Removal

  • Due to the Class Diversification system in Lindvior, this account service cannot be offered anymore.
  • We will be removing this service at the launch of Lindvior on May 29th.

For more detailed game related changes, please check out our LINDVIOR patch notes.

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