The Valiance Expansion Is Live!


Explore the latest update to Lineage II through the highlights on the Valiance Site, or delve deep into details with the Valiance Patch Notes!

Log in now and enjoy the evolving storyline, four major retuning bosses, the return of a popular hunting ground, the number of delightful adjustments spanning all aspects of the game, including these top highlights:

  • A new Ability System
  • Skill system overhaul
  • Fishing system overhaul
  • Significant changes to Epic Dragon Raid bosses, including updated drop lists
  • Nearly 80 new Lv88-98 Raid Bosses
  • New Raid Boss Summoning system
  • New Clan Halls
  • And more …


LINEAGE II: VALIANCE is now open, let the adventure begin!


Along with all the new amazing content we've added, we've also updated the L2 Store. Check out what's been added with the Valiance Store Update!


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