The New Lineage II Game Launcher is Here

We’re simplifying and streamlining the way Lineage II updates with a new launcher. The new launcher will deliver Lineage II-specific updates and expedite the game launching process.






Updating to the new launcher is easy. Start up the NCSOFT Launcher as you always do and you’ll notice Lineage II requires an update. You must update before you can get in game.


After you click UPDATE, you will be notified that an individual launcher is being installed. Click OK to continue.


The new launcher has been installed. Click OK to check for updates.


Click UPDATE to run a file check. Note: This process make take several minutes to complete depending on your system hardware. It is a one-time process.


After the file check is complete, Lineage II will automatically launch. 

For future launches of the game, just double-click on the Lineage II shortcut on your Desktop.




Q: What is the NCSOFT Game Launcher?

A: The NCSOFT Game Launcher is a standalone, streamlined game launcher for Lineage II.

Q: What’s the different between the NCSOFT Game Launcher and the NCSOFT Launcher?

A: Pando Media Booster will no longer be required to install Lineage II. Instead, players will have the option to enable or disable a peer-to-peer torrent installation. Peer-to-Peer is currently disable until further notice. 

While the NCSOFT Game Launcher is required to install, update, and play Lineage II, there will be no more launcher interface to go through before starting the game. Players will have to launch Lineage II directly from its respective shortcut.

The NCSOFT Game Launcher no longer requires .NET Framework 2.0 to run.

Q: Do I need to install the NCSOFT Game Launcher to play Lineage II?

A: Yes. The NCSOFT launcher is required to install, update, and play Lineage II now.

Q: Can I just use the NCSOFT Launcher instead?

A: Yes and No. The original NCSOFT Launcher will not be used to install, patch, or launch Lineage II anymore. To facilitate this change upon launching Lineage II, the NCSOFT Launcher will prompt you to begin the transition from the NCSOFT Launcher to the NCSOFT Game Launcher.

Q: The file check has been on the same percentage for a few minutes now, is it stuck?

A: No, the file check process may take several minutes depending on your system hardware.

Q: Do I have to run a complete file check often?

A: No, only the first time you update to the new launcher. 


If you have any issues updating to our new game launcher please contact our Tech Support immediately.

Otherwise if you have any questions please feel free to post them on our Lineage II forum.

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