The Aden Prize Wheel is Back!


The Aden Prize Wheel is back; this time with better prizes and a new way to win, the Gold Wheel! The new Gold Wheel introduces some awesome exclusive prizes. The famous mini-game will only be available from September 4th to September 18th, so spin and win today!


The Gold Wheel is a new addition to the Aden Prize Wheel. For every ten spins of the regular wheel, you are eligible for a spin on the Gold Wheel. Spinning the Gold Wheel costs the same as the regular wheel (99 NCoin). The Gold Wheel has an upgraded prize list, with a few unique rewards that are only available when you spin the gold Wheel.

Click here or on the image above to see the available prizes and Spin the Aden Prize Wheel.

Have questions about the game? Check the FAQ on the game page for more info. If you have more questions or comments, visit our official forums.

What did you win from the Aden Prize Wheel? Post it on the forums, and see what other players have won!

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