Tauti Community Update

We would like to take a moment to address some of the issues that have been happening since the Tauti launch:

  • Server Crashes: We have identified the issue causing the multiple server crashes over the past two days, and we will publish a fix during an emergency maintenance today.
  • Auction House: Shortly after Tauti launch, we had to turn the Auction House off (the Auction House and its item catalogue remain intact) because of a price display bug that could mislead players into buying items at a more expensive price that what was advertised. This same issue of prices being displayed incorrectly also affects Private Shops. We now have a received a fix for this issue, and plan to publish it during the emergency maintenance today.
  • Ninja Patches: As many players noticed, there have been some changes made to the game that did not appear in our Tauti patch notes. For example, some of the 3rd Class skills no longer stack with 4th Class skills, and the HP bonus on the various armor masteries has changed. Those changes were made in a later version of the game in Korea, but the developers recently decided to include them earlier in our version because they deemed them critical to the game balance. We are currently verifying all of the additional changes and we will post an addendum to our patch notes in the near future.
  • Cloak of Light: The Cloak of Light description currently says that clan members with a rank of “Count” or higher can equip it. This is a translation issue and our patch notes accurately explain that the required rank is Marquis. We understand the frustration caused by this issue, and we have forwarded your feedback to the development team in suggestion that the cloak be available to more clan members than it is now. We will let you know as soon as we get an update on this.
  • Quests: There are currently a few quests that cannot be completed, such as One who seeks the power of the Seal, and Bloody Good Times. We are hoping to receive a fix very soon. Meanwhile, please send a support ticket and our support team may be able to assist you if you are stuck on one of these quests.

Despite these issues we have seen a tremendous amount of interest and increased server activity since the Tauti launch, as well as plenty of constructive feedback from our community. A major update is always an exciting time for the game, and rest assured we are doing our best to provide you with the best gameplay experience.

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