Stone of Destiny Extended

The Stone of Destiny's availability in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria has been extended! Originally it was to be removed from the stores on June 6, 2012, but it will now remain until June 13, 2012, giving players an additional week to purchase the Stone of Destiny.

In case you would like to Awaken both your main class and your Dual Class using a Stone of Destiny. If so, here are some helpful tips to remember when you plan your purchasing and usage of the Stone of Destiny:

  • You can technically have two Stones of Destiny in your inventory at the same time, but when you Awaken, any and all Stones of Destiny in your quest inventory will be consumed. Be careful to plan your Awakening and inventory contents accordingly so that you do not consume two Stones of Destiny when wanting to only use one.
  • If you purchase the Stone of Destiny from the L2 Galleria (web store) it will go to the Dimensional Merchant NPC and you can leave it there until your character is ready to use it.
  • If you purchase the Stone of Destiny from the L2 Store (in-game store) it will go straight to your quest inventory and cannot be removed, and will thus be consumed when you Awaken next, no matter which class you Awaken or Awaken to.
  • If you received a Stone of Destiny at the Goddess of Destruction launch in November 2011 and you still have it in your private warehouse, you can leave it there safely for as long as you need; it will not be removed or consumed if you Awaken with another Stone of Destiny in your quest inventory.
  • The Stone of Destiny will not be removed from the game until you consume it upon Awakening.

More information about the Stone of Destiny can be found here.

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