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Dear Players,

Welcome to 2013! We survived the rumored world apocalypse of 2012, and Lineage® II is starting the year strong with a healthy past year notched into its belt. Let us take a moment to reflect on the events of 2012…

As you know, Lineage II is an ever-changing game with a long legacy and bright future, and many exciting game updates to come. The year 2012 saw several game updates, including Harmony, Tauti, Glory Days, and a few sprinkled patches in between. We ran 14 rewarding system, GM, and server settings events. Nearly 1,500,000 game accounts were created last year alone!

This was also the first full year of the NCSOFT-created Truly Free™ business model’s global premiere*. In its existence so far we have introduced over 400 unique items to the NCoin™ stores (the in-game L2 Store™ and the website’s L2 Galleria™) that our servers have never seen before. Over 820,000 store items have been sold—the most popular of which are 1-Hour Vitality Maintaining Potions, 1-Hour Runes of XP 50%, and the ever-famous Blessed Power Shirt Enchant Scroll from the limited-time item promotion in March. In addition, the website-based Aden Prize Wheel mini-game premiered in November, and though only available for a total of 4 weeks so far, spins on the wheel also rank as top-sellers.

As Lineage II by NCSOFT West is a non-subscription game in an increasingly free-to-play MMORPG market it is still necessary to earn income in order to keep the game available and Truly Free for our players. Thanks to participation in the stores and thanks to player feedback—really; thank you, players!—along with research and studies, this educational first year has taught us a lot: we tally forth into 2013 armed with the knowledge and experience necessary to help us provide you with more options and enjoyment.

So what can we look forward to in 2013, you ask?

Goddess of Destruction: Lindvior (also known as “chapter 3”) is a major game update slotted for 2013 for NCSOFT West. We the staff are all very excited to meet Lindvior the air dragon in person (and live to tell the tale!), and we are eager to share more details about this update in the near future. Meanwhile at the NCSOFT headquarters in Korea the developers are hard at work, and there are juicy whispers of more chapters yet to come!

Other than the known events to come such as Lindvior and our 9th Anniversary (April 2013), there are some additional goodies that we hope to see happen. Here is the NCSOFT West 2013 Wish List:

  • NCoin store “Gift” option in the L2 Store
  • Tradable Store Items
  • Battle Tournament
  • Expanded Account Services
  • Additional Payment Options for NCoin
  • Server Wars
  • New Events
  • More? Perhaps so—even the staff doesn’t know all that fate will bring us this year!

That is 2012 in a nutshell, and 2013 in goals and wishes. We are, as always, pleased to hear and collect your feedback about the game and what you want to see in the future, so please join us on the forums for discussions. Most of all, we humbly and deeply thank you, dear players, for choosing to enjoy Lineage II on the NCSOFT West servers. Let us move forward together and enjoy what 2013 has to offer!


The Lineage II Team:

Producer: Nicolas “Cyro” Coutant

Production Assistant: Jason “Juji” Lieberman

Community Manager: Morgan “Sace” Mains


* Introduced as part of the re-launch of Lineage II with Goddess of Destruction in late 2011, Truly Free allows players to have unrestricted access to all game content as well as the choice to enhance their gameplay through purchases in the new NCoin stores.

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