Spring Commendation


You've seen it, you've loved it, and now it's back to stay! As of March 21, 2012, the Player Commendation System returns to Lineage II for good, with some changes and upgrades. This system allows players to purchase PC Points from the L2 Store which they can spend on fun and helpful items in-game, such as shadow weapons, head accessories, special teleports, wyvern rides, entrance to a special Kamaloka and more.

Unlike the previous Player Commendation event held in the past, characters do not accumulate PC Points the longer they are logged in to the game. However, to celebrate the arrival of the Player Commendation System, free PC Points will be available in the L2 Galleria for two weeks!

From March 21 to April 4, 2012, go to the L2 Galleria every day to get your daily free PC Point coupon (one per account per day). The coupons are date-specific and will be cycled at 7am PDT each day. As long as you visit the L2 Galleria and claim your free PC Point coupon once per day for two weeks straight, you will get all the free PC Points you can! See the Library section for more details on the Player Commendation System and its rewards.



The Adventure Pack and Destiny Pack have new bonus items! The Adeventure Pack now includes a Feather of Blessing and a Box of Destruction. The Destiny Pack now includes three Feathers of Blessing, three Boxes of Destruction, and a Vitality Cake! Read more about these new items on the March Store Update Item Details page of the website.



The powerful Heavenly Pack is available in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria for a limited time only, from March 21 to April 4, 2012! Inside you can find not one, not two, but three Heavenly Cocktails! Also, this pack comes with a special bonus item: the Power Shirt! Read more about the Heavenly Cocktail and the Power Shirt on the special item details page for this pack.



This month in the world of cosmetics: in addition to several lovely new permanent head accessories we've brought back some popular mounts in permanent version, as well as special Pitch Black or Pearl White cloaks and agathions! The XP Boost department receives one-hour XP Runes of various kinds, as well as a new Vitality recovering item. Last but certainly not least, the stores are also graced with the arrival of extra passes for the Kartia's Labyrinth instance, color titles, and stat-specific dye boxes! Learn more about all the new items on the March Store Update Item Details page of the website.



Due to popularity and player appreciation, the prices for various store items have been slashed! Enjoy more bang for your buck with low-priced XP Runes and 7-day accessories. View the full list of price reductions on the March Store Update Item Details page of the website.

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