Sneak Peek: Underground!


In April, as part of Lineage II’s 11th Anniversary, we launched the latest chapter in our story: Infinite Odyssey. As its name implied, players have embarked on a new and lengthy journey with no end in sight. Today we’re announcing the continuation of this journey with the upcoming content update Underground.

Until recently the adventurer Settlen led a nomadic existence wandering across Aden but his advancing age and the pleas of his family encouraged him to change his lifestyle. But, while he has reluctantly agreed to settle down, the adventurer in his heart won’t allow him to live in any ordinary place. So he travelled until he discovered the underground ruins of a city forgotten by time.  Within this subterannean city he built his tavern.

This was no ordinary tavern. The Mystic Tavern,  which offers many of the same amenities that a normal tavern offers, also boasts some rather unique features. Chief among them is the ability to allow players to travel back in time to witness—and participate in—key moments in the lives of several of Aden’s most noted figures.  

As word of this fantastic tavern spread, adventurers from across the continent began to arrive to see for themselves these visions of Aden’s past and test themselves against these legendary challenges.

We’ll be revealing more information about Underground in the coming weeks. Soon, if you are brave and skilled enough,  you too will be able to challenge these legends from the past.



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