Sneak Peek: Freya's Exile


The Mystic Tavern is a place for travelers and adventurers to come together and share stories. One of the mythical stories passed on is about Princess Felicia, later known as Freya, and her exile to the Frozen Labyrinth.

Princess Melissa possessed great magic power, but she was unpredictable and childish. Plots against her began to spread in the kingdom and former friends turned into enemies. As a result, Princess Melissa was banished to the Frozen Labyrinth.

The exile devastated her. Friends she believed she once had and the luxurious life she had as a princess was now gone. Only Kanna and a few knights from her former life stuck by her.

Brooding with misery and vengence, that’s when someone who called himself Sage Sayan appeared before her.


To start one of the three stories available at the Mystic Tavern, a group of six players level 99 and above must sit around one of the tables in the Mystic Tavern. The group leader can then talk to the waitress who will start one of the three stories and send you to the instance.

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