Sneak Peek: Deton's Quest


The Mystic Tavern is a place for travelers and adventurers to come together and share stories. One of the mythical stories passed on is Archaeologist Deton and his quest for Demon King Bremnon’s legendary weapon, Tauti.

Deton was sure Tauti was hidden somewhere in the Forge of the Gods, a dangerous area with volcanic activity and aggressive monsters. 


He knew it would be dangerous to start his quest alone so he recruited researchers to join him on the search and excavation. With his team assembled, Deton began his expedition into the Forge of the Gods in search of Tauti.

To start one of the three stories available at the Mystic Tavern, a group of five players level 99 and above must sit around one of the tables in the Mystic Tavern. The group leader can then talk to the waitress who will start one of the three stories and send you to the instance. 


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