Reminder for Store Items and Comic

Next week, our Valentine’s Day celebration comes to an end. After the maintenance of February 22, 2012, the Valentine Pack and the Miraculous Valentine Cake Ingredient will no longer be available for purchase in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria. These two packs, and their contents, will not be removed from the game, so you can continue to use the Valentine Pack’s Rose Spirit pets after the Valentine season is over.

As a helpful reminder, note that the Limited Time Bonus Items for the Adventure Pack and Destiny Pack will be changed when the store is updated in March. So don’t miss out on this chance now to grab the current bonus items: Lucky Armor Enchant Stone (R-Grade), Feather of Blessing, and Scroll: Enchant Armor of Destruction (R-Grade). We have also prepared a special screenshot comic to go along with it!



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