Reminder: Maphr's Rune Promo Ends Soon

Don't forget! The Maphr's Rune 100% and 200%, 1-hour, 7-day, and 30-day versions are only in the L2 Store until September 12, 2012! With the server maintenance of September 12, these items will cease to be available for purchase. Stock up today before they leave the store!

thumb_maphrrune-icon.jpg Maphr’s Rune 50%, 1-Hour, 7-Day, or 30-Day Pack: Enjoy a higher drop rate while hunting monsters! The timer effect does not pause while offline. Note that while the pack is dimensional, the rune inside is not; be sure to open the pack on the character you wish to use this item on.



Read more about the special Maphr's Rune 100% and 200% promo and other store items in the September Store Update, and Limited Time Offers articles.

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