Prestige Pack Updated


Calling all high-end players! The Prestige Pack has been upgraded to feature new and updated components. In addition to the existing Prestige Cube Pack, Eva's Rune Pack, and 40 Hero Coin provided with the Prestige Pack, subscribers will receive Soul Bottle Packs and Blessed R-grade Armor enchantment scrolls, as well as a significantly boosted Adena drop amount from the Prestige Rune Pack.

Here's a breakdown of the new and updated components.


New Prestige Pack Components

Item Qty Effect
4-Soul_bottle_pack_2018.png Soul Bottle Pack 30
  • A chance to get a Soul Bottle or Soul Bottle Fragment of an epic boss
5-blessed_scroll-enchant_armor_rgrade_2018.png Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade) 3
  • Blessed enchant scrolls used to enchant R-grade Armor


Updated Prestige Pack Component

Item Qty Effect
1-Prestige_rune_pack_2018.png Prestige Rune Pack (30-Day) 1
  • Adena drop amount +300% (previously +100%)
  • Item drop rate +100% 
  • Spoil drop rate +100%


All these enchancements look pretty epic? Head over to the L2 Galleria to pick up your Prestige Pack subscription today!



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