Path to Awakening Update


Introducing the New Path to Awakening!


With the launch of Ertheia, a new race has entered the game; it seemed a great time for us to update the Path to Awakening.

Today, we have launched the new version of the Path to Awakening, which includes support for the Ertheia classes, as well as some new additions and tweaks. Be sure to check it out and make the most of your time in-game as you work towards the level cap.

One notable change is this: the Path to Awakening no longer grants rewards via the website—they are now given in-game. When you created your character, you received a Fated Support Box. That is how you will receive your rewards as you travel along the Path to Awakening. For more on how the Fated Support Box works, you can read more here.

Happy Hunting!

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