New Cheat Detection Measures Incoming

Hello Lineage II players,
We fully understand that bots, spam, and other forms of cheating greatly disrupt many players’ gameplay experiences. Most members of the Lineage II community would prefer fair play, even if some of you feel pressured to indulge in undesirable behavior in order to keep up with the competition. To this end, we’re warning all players that we are adding new controls to identify players who are using bots or cheating in our games. The consequences of being found to have used any cheats in Lineage II are severe. While you might be resorting to a tactic that has thus far resulted in no punishment, this doesn’t excuse the behavior or warrant leniency in the actions we take to combat cheating. We’ll continue to improve our methods and adjust our responses to ensure the health of all NCSOFT games and their communities.
As we very purposefully don’t share details regarding the types of methods we employ to detect bots, this is a warning to all players who use any sort of cheat software to stop now or risk severe account actions, up to and including permanent closure. To ensure that you’re using the proper security measures to prevent the compromise of your account, review the info at
Remember, as the registered user of your account, you’re responsible for the security of the account and how it’s used, with or WITHOUT your permission. We appreciate all of your efforts in helping us to identify cheating in the game and promote a fair play environment for everyone!
Thank you,
Team Lineage II
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