May 2018 Preview

We hope you all have enjoyed the Spring Harvest and 14th Anniversary bonus server settings so far. Here’s a quick look at some additional plans we have in store for Lineage II this month.


Brooch Promotion (May 16–June 20)

Brooches and jewels are returning for sale on the L2 Store beginning next Wednesday.


14th Anniversary Media Contest (May 25 Deadline)

Don’t forget to submit your best screenshot, artwork, and video for a shot at some amazing prizes!


  • Grand Prize: +10 Dark Armor Eternal Set & +12 Dark Amaranthine Weapon of Choice
  • Runner-up Prize: Dark Amaranthine Stone (1) & Dark Eternal Enhancement Stones (20)


  • Grand Prize: Evolved Stage 1 Zodiac Agathion of Choice
  • Runner-up Prize: High-Grade Zodiac Agathion Box


  • Grand Prize: +8 Bloody Eternal Armor Set
  • Runner-up Prize: Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stones (20)

Check out the 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest announcement for full submission details, creative requirements, and rules.


Hero Coin Reward List Update (May 16)

Several items are being retired from Hero Coin rewards, including:

  • Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
  • Sealed Talisman - Longing
  • Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
  • Soul Bottle Pack (Antharas/Valakas)
  • Heavenly Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
  • Mystic Soul Crystal
  • Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
  • Specter Weapon Pack
  • Hero's Treasure Chest (Underground)
  • Seraph Armor Pack
  • Mystic Armor Piece
  • Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
  • Apocalypse Weapon Pack
  • Elegia Armor Pack
  • Disassembly Recipe Pouch: Weapon
  • Bow of Light
  • Twilight Armor Pack
  • Disassembly Recipe Pouch: Armor
  • Weapon Attribute Change Crystal (R-Grade)
  • Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory
  • Hunter's Amulet


Head to the official forums to kick off discussion about these updates. More details are still to come. Stay tuned!


The Lineage II Team

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