Maphr's Wind Scroll Issue and Restoration - September 14

During weekly maintenance this morning, Wednesday, September 14, a script on our end was run by mistake that resulted in the deletion of players’ stocks of Maphr’s Wind Scrolls earned during the Hungry Horse event. These items were originally not intended to be removed until maintenance on October 12. Unfortunately, we’re not currently able to restore these scrolls for players without them being automatically deleted again whenever we have a server restart.

That said, we have record of how many scrolls each player had when maintenance began. To address the issue, we’ll be performing an item insertion with maintenance next week, Wednesday, September 21, to restore Maphr’s Wind Scrolls for all affected players.

We apologize for the inconvenience that the extended maintenance and scroll deletion caused today. We’ve placed a Compensation Bundle on the L2 Galleria for all players to claim for free. This bundle will be on the Galleria for one week and can be claimed once per account.

We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.


Thank you,

The Lineage II Team

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