Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey Is Live!


The Infinite Odyssey Begins!

On the eve of Lineage II’s 11th Anniversary, a new chapter unfolds as players take their first steps into Infinite Odyssey, the new free expansion. With the launch of this new chapter, players will find themselves freed of the level cap and able to acquire powerful new skills.

Explore the Garden of Spirits and Atelia Fortress as you continue on your path to glory. But beware, the denizens of these zones are unlike any you have ever faced before. Deep within Atelia Fortress lies the newest threat to Aden, the raid boss Kelbim. 

With the launch of the new expansion and the impending Anniversary celebrations, players will also be able to enjoy special server settings which will provide free teleports, no XP loss on death, and a 50% XP/SP boost. All of these are sure to come in handy on the journey ahead!

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