Last Territory War Dates

Territory Wars Leave Lineage II Soon

The Goddess of Destruction: Tauti update is launching to NCsoft West Lineage II servers on June 13, 2012! Among other exciting changes, this game update removes the Territory War system from the game. This announcement serves as notification regarding the date of last Territory War session on each server, and what related quests and items will and will not be available after the update launches.


Final Territory War Date

Chronos, Shilen

June 2, 2012

Naia, Magmeld, Bartz

June 9, 2012

The final Territory War session for each server will proceed as normal. After the game update launches on June 13, the News Informer NPC will be in-game for one month, until July 11, to help players complete any unfinished Territory War quests and to sell all previously-sold territory-related items for Territory War badges. In Goddess of Destruction: Tauti, Territory War badges can also be spent at the Aden Reconstruction NPC for Hero’s Treasure Chests.

Noblesse Changes

The ability to purchase Noblesse status with 100 Territory War badges will no longer be available after Tauti launches, even through the News Informer. Unfinished pre-Tauti Noblesse quests cannot be finished through the News Informer. Tauti does however bring a new Noblesse quest, details of which will be included in the patch notes when they are posted in the near future.

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