L2 Store and Hero Coin Updates


Greetings, Adventurers!

Now that the new year is upon us, there are some changes being made to the L2 Store and the Hero Coin program.  As we've previously noted, any Hero Coin left in your inventory will expire at 5:01am PST, on January 14, 2015.  With the maintenance period on January 14th, a number of items are also being removed from the L2 Store, including Hero Coin items.  While some of these L2 Store items may return in the future, if there's an item you'd like, make sure to grab it before it's gone!  For the full list of items, read on below:

L2 Store Items Removed Jan. 14th, 2015:
Refined Romantic Chapeau: Blue
Refined Romantic Chapeau: Gold
Refined Romantic Chapeau: Green
Refined Romantic Chapeau: Red
Refined Romantic Chapeau: Yellow
Warrior's Helmet
Ruthless Tribe Mask
Ribbon Hairband
Jester Hat
Refined Wizard Hat
Top Hat
Wizard Hat
Zaken's Spirit Sword Agathion Pack
Mount - Jet Bike Pack
Appearance Stone: Cat Fighter (Ertheia Only)
Appearance Stone: Cat Staff (Ertheia Only)
XP Rune III (Lv1-99) 50% 1-Hour Pack
XP Rune III (Lv1-99) 50% 7-Day Pack
Mysterious Soulshot Pack (S-grade)
Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot Pack (S-grade)
Blessed Beast Spiritshot
Extra Pass - Teredor
Extra Pass - Spezion (normal)
Warrior’s Quick CP Potion (x100)
Mithril Bracelet Pack
Top-Grade Magic Pin Cloth Belt
Top-Grade Magic Pouch Cloth Belt
Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-Grade)
Lucky Enchant Stone: Enchant Armor (R-Grade)


Hero Coin Items Removed Jan. 14th, 2015:
Scroll: 10,000 Individual Fame (x2)
Attribute Stone Pack
Ingredient Box (x2)
Mysterious Soulshot (x2500)
Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (x1000)
Treasure Chest (Western Winds)
Superior CP Potion (x100)
Rune of Feather (24-hour) (x10)
Heavenly CP Cookie
Heavenly Cocktail
Life Stone (R-Grade)
Attribute Crystal Box
Feather of Blessing
Scroll: Reputation (Low-grade)
Scroll: PK (Low-grade)
Life Stone: Hair Accessory
Pendant Pack
Enhanced Kaliel's Attribute Stone Pack
Emperor's Dessert Set (Knight)
Emperor's Dessert Set (Wizard)
Emperor's Dessert Set (Warrior)
Agathion - Phoenix Pack (7-day)
Rare Accessory Pack (14-day/30-day)
Hero's Treasure Chest (Western Winds)
Weaver Agathion (24-hour - Warrior) + 3 Soulstones
Weaver Agathion (24-hour -Wizard) + 3 Soulstones
Improved Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
Blessed Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
Blessed Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor (R-grade)
Weapon Pack (S80-grade)
Lv5 Giant Dye Pack
Lesser Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor (R-grade)
Heavenly Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)
Lv5 Ancient Dye Pack
Enhanced Kaliel's Attribute Crystal Pack
Birthday Vitality Potion
Blessed Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
Lesser Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon (R-grade)
Raid Boss' Soul Pack (Queen Ant/Orfen/Frint/Baium)
Bloody Amaranthine Weapon Pack
Talisman - Seven Signs
Dark Amaranthine Weapon Pack

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