June 2018 Preview

Hello all,


Here’s a quick peek ahead at some of the things in store for Lineage II toward the latter half of June.


Red Libra Returns

  • Red Libra, Red Libra, Red Libra! The beloved Red Libra event will return later this month and run for four weeks.


XP Boost Event for High-Level Players

  • A New XP Boost event for higher-level players from level 99~105+ is planned. The XP/SP boost event will focus on several different level ranges for 99+ rather than blanket boost to all levels.


Freya’s Summer Shopping Bag

  • Stay cool this summer with an all-new Freya’s Shopping bag promotion with even hotter rewards!


Server Merge for Freya to Naia (June 27)

  • The Freya server is currently planned to be consolidated into the Naia server on Wednesday, June 27. More details will be released next week on how the transition will be handled.


Many of you have been asking for the server merge and the Red Libra event. Now the time is nearly upon us! Head to the official forums to join the discussion


The Lineage II Team

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