IP Blocking to Combat Illicit Behavior

In our ongoing efforts to combat RMT, the Lineage II team is embarking on the first phase of our plan by blocking IP addresses from China due to high RMT traffic. The block prohibits China IPs from connecting to the game, to the website, and to the account creation pages. As the account creation page is shared with Aion, it is unfortunately not possible for China IPs to create accounts for Aion use either. In the coming days we will closely monitor the effects of this action, and may block additional IPs that have prevalent RMT activity on a country-by-country basis.

We extend our apologies to any innocent players affected, and while we cannot whitelist individual IPs in this situation, we encourage you to contact the support team to resolve any outstanding issues.

Please note that proxies have become an integral tool for illicit behavior in MMOs, and as a result we do target them when we undertake anti-RMT efforts. However, legitimate latency reduction services are recognized, and a proxy will not be banned unless it is confirmed to be part of unsanctioned behavior.

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