In-Game Community Boards Open

After many years, the forums in the in-game Community window have been greatly improved, and now we are happy to announce that they are being re-opened during the maintenance of January 18, 2012!

What is the Community Board?

The Community Board is an in-game forum that can be found in the Community window. It is separate from the Lineage II website's forums. Through the Community Board you can speak to and reply to other players without leaving the game and therefore experience fast-paced high-reward communication.

Please note that the Community Boards are moderated by NCsoft staff according to the EULA. Abuse of the Community Board, such as spamming, offensive behavior, and posting of anti-EULA content may result in the ban of your Lineage II game account or worse. Some Community Board content is populated by staff, but it is ultimately a place that is for and is run by players. Staff is not guaranteed to read or reply to Community Board threads.

How to use the Community Boards

This page will explain how the Community Boards work and how to use them. Please use this index:


What is the organizational structure of the Community Boards?

This is what the boards directory looks like in-game, here with added numbers to help explain what each section is for:


1. Lineage2 Website

This opens the Lineage II website in an internet browser while your game is still running on your computer. If you are in full-screen mode when you select this option, the full-screen mode will be cancelled.

2. Region Info

This section lists information about the different regions, castles, and clan halls on your server. Lists all of the regions, the name of the clan that owns the castle on the region, the name of the clan's alliance, and the regions present and future tax rate.

Region Info Main Page:


Clicking on a specific region will open a new page with more information about that particular region, including the region's castle's next siege date, and a list of all the Clan Halls in that region, and clan name and clan leader name of each clan that owns a Clan Hall there.

Region Info Sub-page:


3. Favorites

As you browse the Community Board, you can bookmark certain threads, posts or sections as your Favorites, and use the Favorites section to find your way back to them quickly. These bookmarks are specific to your account, and cannot be seen or used by other players.

4. Lineage II News

This section is populated by NCsoft staff to list the same announcements as are found on the official Lineage II website. Only staff can post in this section.

5. General Discussion

This is a place for open discussion about anything related to Lineage II. This section is server-specific: only players logged onto your server will see these posts. General Discussion includes the following sub-sections:

  • News: Write about recent announcements on the website, or make your own news.
  • Info: Post a thread with a game guide that you wrote, or advice for other players on how to do a particular quest, or fight a raid boss.
  • Gossip: Voice your opinions about your experiences in the game, and chat generally with other players.

6. LFG / Raid Boss

This is a good place to recruit players to work together for XP, a quest, or to conquer a difficult monster. This section is server-specific: only players on your server will see these posts.

  • LFG: Looking for a party, or is your party looking for more members? Looking to create a constant group day-to-day? Post here and say what level range, classes, and hunting areas you want to focus on.
  • Raid Boss: Looking to recruit more players so that you can all defeat a difficult raid boss? Post the name of the monster and start organizing the raid in this section.

7. Q&A

Have questions about the game? Post here and get answers from fellow players. This special section is shared across all servers. This section also has various sub-sections, to help you narrow down the area of discussion you are focusing on.

  • Quest: Post questions about quests here.
  • Item: Post questions about certain items, recipes, weapons and armor here.
  • Hunting Zone: Post questions about different hunting grounds, dungeons and instances here.
  • NPC: Post questions about NPCs, monsters and raid bosses here.
  • Skill: Post questions about classes, skills, and combat techniques here.

8. Trade

Play the market and build up your character's personal finances by posting here. This section is server-specific: only players logged onto your server will see these posts. This section has sub-sections, to help you narrow down what you are looking for.

  • Sell: Post the names of items you want to sell here.
  • Buy: Post the names of items you want to buy here.
  • Exchange: Arrange a trade with another player to exchange items here.
  • Free: Want to get rid of stuff and donate to lower-level or poor players on the server? Post about it here.

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How do I search the Community Board for a certain thread title or author?

  • First, choose a subsection, such as General Discussion, or LFG / Raid boss.
  • There is a drop-down menu that lists Title or Writer. If you want to search by thread title, choose Title and enter in a keyword (or keywords). If you want to search by author name, choose Write and enter the author's name into the text box. Click Search.
    • If you enter one keyword, the results will show every thread with that keyword in the thread name.
    • If you enter multiple key words, the results will show every thread that has both of those keywords in the name.
    • You can enter partial words or character names.

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How do I create a thread on the Community Board?

  1. Depending on what you want to say, choose the boards section that you want to post in. If you want to debate a particular topic about Lineage II game design, choose General Discussion. If you are looking for players to group with, choose the LFG / Raid Boss section.
  2. Once you've chosen the proper section, click Write to begin creating your thread.
  3. In the Title drop-down menu, choose what category of post you are going to make. For example, in General Discussion, the sub-categories are News, Info, and Gossip. Next, enter the title of your thread. In the Body box, write the opening post of your thread.
  4. When you have finished writing your thread, click OK to post it.
  5. You can edit or remove your thread by clicking on it, and then click on Change or Delete. You can also Reply to your own thread. Please note that Deleted threads are removed after clicking on Delete once, and removed posts are not stored.


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How do I comment on or reply to someone else's thread on the Community Board?

When reading a thread on the Community Board, you can either Comment on the thread, or Reply to the thread.

  • To Comment, write in the text box at the bottom of the page, and click Enter, then OK to post your comment about the thread.
    • When you leave a comment about a thread, it will look like this:


  • To Reply to a thread, click on the Reply button.
    • On the Reply page, the thread title box will already be filled out with the name of the thread you are replying to. You can modify the thread title if you wish, but this only modifies your reply's title, not the thread's title itself.
    • If you want to modify the Reply you made, click on the Change button when viewing your post.
    • When you leave a Reply to a thread, it will look like this:


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