Hero Coin Reward List Update


We're making some adjustments to Hero Coin rewards during standard maintenance Wednesday, May 16. Here is the updated reward list including many price reductions.

Keep in mind there's no longer a limit or annual reset of your accumulated Hero Coins.

Item Qty Old Hero Coin Price New Hero Coin Price Purchase Restriction
Hero-coin-rewards-1.png Heavenly Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade) 1 500 500 Limit 5 / Account
Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-2.png Life Stone Instilled with Giants' Power 1 800 400 Limit 3 / Account
Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-3.png Amaranthine Weapon Pack 1 400 300 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-4.png Eternal Armor Pack 1 300 200 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-5.png Transformation Sealbook: Anakim 1 250 150 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-6.png Lv. 5 Legendary Dye Pack 1 150 100 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-7.png Elcyum 1 100 75 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-8.png Tempest Stone 1 60 50 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-9.png Ancient Hero's Weapon Pack x2 2 90 45 None
Hero-coin-rewards-10.png Rune Stone 1 50 25 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-11.png Soul Bottle Fragment Pack 1 25 20 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-12.png Maphr's Luck Potion 1 15 10 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-13.png Giant's Energy 1 10 5 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-14.png Blessed Scroll of Resurrection (x2) 2 4 4 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-15.png Heavenly Recover Potion (x3) 3 3 2 Lv. 85 and above
Hero-coin-rewards-16.png Blessed Scroll of Escape (x5) 5 1 1 Lv. 85 and above

In addition, several items that are rarely claimed are being removed from the list as shown below. 

Items Removed from Rewards
Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
Sealed Talisman - Longing
Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
Soul Bottle Pack (Antharas/Valakas)
Heavenly Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
Mystic Soul Crystal 
Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
Specter Weapon Pack
Hero's Treasure Chest (Underground)
Seraph Armor Pack
Mystic Armor Piece
Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
Apocalypse Weapon Pack
Elegia Armor Pack
Disassembly Recipe Pouch: Weapon
Bow of Light
Twilight Armor Pack
Disassembly Recipe Pouch: Armor
Weapon Attribute Change Crystal (R-grade)
Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory
Hunter's Amulet

We recognize that items like the Hunter's Amulet are still valued by some players and are looking for other means to make them attainable. And finally, new additions will be brought to the list in a future update.


The Lineage II Team

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