Hero Coin Program Update



Hero Coin Program Update


It’s been almost three months since we launched the Hero Coin program on January 15th!  Since that time, players have been reaping the benefits of this new reward program.

The Hero Coin Rewards program is still in its infancy, however, and we did promise that we would be making changes down the line.  Today we reveal the first change, and for some people, it’s going to be a big one.

Prices on the top-tier prizes on the Hero Coin list have been reduced by at least 40%, and in some cases, more!

Here’s a list the items and their new prices:

Reward Item Old Price New Price
Scroll of Blessing (R95) 25,000 12,500
Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone 32,500 17,875
Soul Bottle Pack (Antharas/Valakas) 33,750 20,250
Raid Boss' Soul Pack (Queen Ant/Orfen/Frint/Baium) 40,000 24,000
Scroll of Blessing (R99) 50,000 30,000
Bloody Amaranthine Weapon Pack 75,000 45,000
Sealed Talisman of Longing 75,000 45,000
Ruler's Authority 205,000 71,750
Talisman - Seven Signs 250,000 87,500
Dark Amaranthine Weapon Pack 375,000 100,500

Keep in mind that these items are some of the strongest and best items available in game, and they are not acquired easily. The Hero Coin prices of these items reflect that.

For a full list of available items, please visit the L2 Store and select the Rewards tab.

And for those of you who might still be lamenting your inability to afford the reward items of your choice, take heart. We’ll be introducing some special promotions both this month and in the future designed to help you increase your Hero Coin balance.

For more information, please read the FAQ and the complete list of the terms and conditions of the program.

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