A New Age Has Begun -- Helios is Live!


When Etis van Etina destroyed the Garden of Spirit, the aftermath caused a life support system stored deep inside the ruins of the Giant’s Cave to reactivate from its dormant state. Absorbing energy from the shattered remains of the Spirit Garden, the Shine Stone restored power back to magical devices placed at the base of the Lesser Giants, awakening Helios and the Dreadnaught Superion. Basking in deep thought and eventually consumed by his urge for more power, Helios gives rebirth to his men and receives the destiny to revive the Giants’ World once again.

The ancient giants have awoken and a new age has begun—Helios is now live!


Adventurers level 102 and higher are called upon to explore the Dreadnaught Superion looming in the skies above Giran, to learn of its archaic secrets and confront the grave threat it poses. Prepare yourselves by aiding five new factions to unlock various special abilities, and transcend the level cap to access new skills in your fight against Helios and his giants.

Visit the Helios site for a glimpse at the major features, view the official trailer below, and check out the Helios patch notes for additional details about this content update. Let us know what you think by joining the discussion on the Lineage II forum. You can also pick up a new wallpaper or browse the latest screenshots in our updated Media Gallery.

We’re excited to have finally launched Helios and hope you enjoy your next Lineage II journey with us!

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