Lineage II: Grand Crusade Now Live!


Aden’s bravest heroes, led by Leona, are called to the Keucereus Alliance Base in an urgent plea for help to thwart the Embryo threat advancing from the Atelia Fortress. But things aren’t quite as they seem in Gracia. In his final preparations to claim all Seven Signs and harness the divine power of the Grail, Etis van Etina has tempted an unlikely new apostle toward his malevolent cause. Kain van Halter’s desperate search for a way to restore his sister Giselle’s life has become his undoing, as he's now forced into the servitude of Embryo and charged with striking down his former allies at the Keucereus Alliance Base.


Grand Crusade, the next major chapter for Lineage II, is now live!



Adventurers have been called upon to aid in the defense of the Keucereus Alliance Base, journey through the Mystic Tavern to witness Kain’s fateful fall from hero to Embryo apostle, lead the offensive into the Messiah Citadel, and embark on all-new exalted quests to reach even greater power and renown.

In addition to a wealth of new content, Lineage II: Grand Crusade includes class updates, ability system changes, a new Monster Card collection system, an expanded Faction system, Boss and Hero weapons, an increase on the maximum Adena cap, and much, much more.


Learn more about all the content, features, and improvements Grand Crusade has to offer:

Content Preview | Systems Preview | Keucereus Battle | Store Update & Server Settings | Patch Notes


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