Grand Crusade Content Preview


Grand Crusade, the next major content update for Lineage II, brings a bevy of new content, features, character progression paths, and systems updates to Aden on Wednesday, March 29. And the overarching story that connects the core themes of Grand Crusade calls players to battle in two new areas: Messiah’s Citadel and Mystic Tavern. Each of these locations offers its own unique challenges. Adventurers who brave them will discover Etis van Etina’s most sinister plot to steal the last of the Seven Signs, bringing him so fatefully close to claiming divine power and conquering the world; but the most skilled heroes among you will have the opportunity to band together on an offensive to temper the grave Embryo threat.


New Dungeon: Mystic Tavern

To understand the latest transgressions of the Embryo and the true threat they pose, characters level 99 and above are called to enter the Mystic Tavern. This single-party instanced dungeon allows you to witness first-hand Kain’s betrayal and the motivations behind his shocking pledge to serve Etis van Etina.



New Hunting Grounds: Keucereus Alliance Base Defense

The frontline of the Embryo attack on Aden is happening in Gracia, where the Keucereus Alliance Base is being overrun by a vicious onslaught. Every two weeks you’ll be called upon to aid in the base’s defense—messengers will arrive in Aden and Gludio 24 hours prior to the battle to recruit able-bodied heroes level 95 and above. When teleporting to Keucereus via the Gludio Gatekeeper, you’ll be given a mission and charged with successfully defeating the raid at Stage 5 before time expires. Not only does victory bring rewards, but Erda will offer you transport to attack the enemy fortifications at Messiah’s Citadel for one week. View the full event page for more details.


New Hunting Grounds: Messiah’s Citadel

A sprawling castle brimming with truly nefarious forces and brutal creatures, Messiah’s Citadel serves as an Embryo stronghold. Upon completion of the Keucereus Alliance Base Defense, the Outer Castle is available to characters level 100 and above in parties of 14–35 members. As you leap from area to area around and throughout the citadel, you’ll encounter elite Embryo commanders, gatekeepers, and bosses. Parties of 14-35 members at level 102 and above can also assault the Inner Castle, where you’ll have the opportunity to confront its mysterious leader and neutralize the threat, dealing a decisive blow to the Embryo. It remains to be seen, however, to what extent your success in Messiah’s Citadel can thwart Etis van Etina’s ultimate plan.



More to Come!

In addition to Mystic Tavern and Messiah’s Citadel, Grand Crusade includes a number of other game features and improvements. If you haven’t already, watch the official Grand Crusade trailer and check out the preliminary patch notes to get a better sense of what this update brings to Lineage II. Some elements are subject to change as we continue development and internal testing, and we’ll be providing additional Grand Crusade details ahead of its release on Wednesday, March 29, so stay tuned!

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