GMBuffs Visiting Servers Friday, June 30

Hello all,

Tommorrow our helpful servant, GMBuffs, will be visiting Fantasy Isle with friends, Tersi's Herold and Bora, during specific times on each Server. While Neutron and I won't be joining them to hang out with you all, we'd like you to have this opportunity to collect some helpful buffs!

Be sure to swing by Fantasy Isle for their visit and enjoy the benefits they provide while they're around!


GMBuffs Event Schedule: Friday, June 30, 2017

Server U.S. Pacific Time U.S. Central Time U.S. Eastern Time Greenwich Time
Naia 10:30am–11am 12:30pm–1pm 1:30pm–2pm 1730–1800
Freya 11:30am–12pm 1:30pm–2pm 2:30pm–3pm 1830–1900
Zaken 4pm–4:30pm 6pm–6:30pm 7pm–7:30pm 2300–2330
Chronos 5pm–5:30pm 7pm–7:30pm 8pm–8:30pm 2400–0030



The Lineage II Team

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